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The Association of Corporate Treasurers of Southern Africa (ACTSA) is delighted to offer an number of online courses that allows you to learn at your own pace and in your own time in association with Lisa-Ann Morris.

Once registration and payment is completed, users will have access (within 48 hours) to the course for 21 days. The online format is in bite-sized courses, providing great flexibility to tackle each topic at your own pace.


Members – R2200 (incl VAT)

Non  Members: R2500 (incl VAT)

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More about Lisa

With more than a decade of a career spent in banking, with an emphasis on experience in the financial markets, Lisa has dedicated herself to the development of knowledge and skills for participants within financial markets, corporate and investment banking and treasury operations.

This has included training and facilitation of workshops and the development of learning materials. She has structured and presented workshops to educate and elevate the understandings of financial markets, risk management, the world of banking and many other areas of finance.


This introductory level course of 64 lessons and 2 hours of video content is perfect to prepare and expose new candidates to the world of financial markets. It will also provide a useful refresher to those already familiar to the business.

  • Insights into the forex market, money markets and bond securities.
  • Decipher jargon associated to the financial markets
  • Distinguish between primary and secondary markets
  • Identify the motives of hedgers and speculators when trading in securities
  • Contrast OTC to exchange traded markets

The online courses are straight-forward, providing you with the information you need to grow in your career. Coupled with the opportunity to share thoughts and perspectives within a learning community and reach out to the facilitator, the sky is the limit.

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2. HEDGING FX RISK – Lets get excited!


“Whatever FEC’s can do, Options can do better ” Lisa-Ann Morris.

Concerned about competitive pricing behaviour? Tired of negative accounting valuations on your derivatives?
Looking for a hedging solution to match your specific business objectives?
Need to minimise the negative cashflow implications on FX swaps, manage credit lines more efficiently or be more proactive to adjusting to changing market environments?

You guessed it, options are likely the solution that you are looking for!

If you’ve had theoretical exposure to options, you might yet not understand their many hedging applications. This in-depth course looks to explore many of the exciting aspects of these type of derivatives which make them a valuable addition to any FX hedging policy.

  • Explore the terminology and compare and contrast options to FEC’s. (The fundamentals)
  • Achieve an understanding of the pricing components of an Option. (Insights into premiums)
  • Appreciate the impact of choosing the best strike price.
  • Understand the mark to market (valuation) impacts of these derivatives.
  • Address the hedging benefits and flexibility provided by option solutions and much more.

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3. HEDGING FX RISKS WITH FEC’S – Lets get practical!

The Foreign exchange risks which plague companies that operate in the international arenas are sometimes ignored due to the misunderstandings associated to the concepts of hedging and the derivatives tools commonly used to mitigate said risks. A hedging policy can provide sound relief for these exchange rate uncertainties and their financial impacts.

This comprehensive course is designed to get practical about hedging concepts and explore the application of a Forward Exchange Contract (FEC) within this ambit.

  • Appreciate the FEC’s function as a hedging tool, both the pros and the cons.
  • Achieve a solid understanding of the pricing components of an FEC.
  • Understand the mark to market (valuation) impacts of this derivative.
  • Address the cash flow implications of early deliveries and extensions (FX swaps).
  • Application of the learned concepts in a practical manner

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